Ahem, is this thing on?  I know readers have given this place up for dead, but I’ve never had any doubts.  The muse left me for a while is all.  Furthermore, no one sent me any cash nor gifts as encouragement to blog.  The blame (if there is any) must be shared, is all […]


It’s been a long stretch.  Now, more than ever, my secret dreams of becoming a powerful and high-paid blogger seem pitiable.  But not to worry (or rejoice as the case may be), I’ve no plans for abandoning the cause or the blog of lowbrow angling.  I closed out carp season, as required, and made […]


Now’s the time to make a few half-hearted apologies to you purists.  Actually, if you’re truly offended by non-fly angling, I don’t care.  But you may be comforted to know that such talk will be rare around here.  I came up via spinning reel technology and so did lots of us.  Thor knows what […]