My typical approach to introducing a blog post is to apologize for the long delay and follow with lame excuses and empty promises.  This is not required of April.  Almost every kind of good fishing thing can happen in April, and serious anglers should be out fishing .  Spare moments off the water should […]

Home Water

I went out on the lake in the high pressure, bright sun, and wind.  That was foolish and I repented of the decision in the end.  There was nothing there.


Then I went up in the mountains and camped overnight, the goal being to catch wild trout.  I’m having a little trout […]

Mid Winter

At 9:30 pm on New Year’s eve, wearing my jammies,  I wondered if I should open the bottle of cheap champagne I bought for New Year’s eve 2005.  But I don’t like the stuff, my wife won’t drink it, and the bottle has become an important item of lowbrow decor in our household, perfectly […]

Daily Grind

Today the temperature at dawn was under 70 and fall-time feelings flickered fitfully across my synapses.  I can (with my eyes closed after ingesting powerful hallucinogens) imagine what autumn will be like.  Alas, to hunger for something so distant is unhealthy, I’m certain.  Summer will never beat me, not even close, but […]