Ahem, is this thing on?  I know readers have given this place up for dead, but I’ve never had any doubts.  The muse left me for a while is all.  Furthermore, no one sent me any cash nor gifts as encouragement to blog.  The blame (if there is any) must be shared, is all […]


It’s been a long stretch.  Now, more than ever, my secret dreams of becoming a powerful and high-paid blogger seem pitiable.  But not to worry (or rejoice as the case may be), I’ve no plans for abandoning the cause or the blog of lowbrow angling.  I closed out carp season, as required, and made […]

NYC Surf Fishing

I haven’t posted a video in a while.  What a shame this is, since posting someone else’s hard work is a cheap and easy way to keep the content flowing around here (a place that obviously suffers from poor content flow in recent times).  So here’s another nicely edited short on stripers and blues […]

Summer Vacation

I had a little post ready last week but  “technical difficulties” stemming from my notable ignorance of blog software prevented it from reaching your eager eyes.  The gist was that summer proceeds apace, etc.




We completed our  balls-to-the-wall beach weekend.  Ten of us had a wild barrier island […]