Daily Grind

Today the temperature at dawn was under 70 and fall-time feelings flickered fitfully across my synapses.  I can (with my eyes closed after ingesting powerful hallucinogens) imagine what autumn will be like.  Alas, to hunger for something so distant is unhealthy, I’m certain.  Summer will never beat me, not even close, but […]

Hot (And By Hot I Refer To Temperature, Not Quality Of Fishing)

Holy shit, we (and by “we” I refer to the entirety of all life, to our knowledge) have arrived at the start of another month, and I feel a mounting pressure (both internally-generated, and also applied from hordes of desperate readers) to put up some news of fishing (which, as I’ll just mention here […]


Had you any kind of typical upbringing, someone once (or perhaps, horribly, many times) spoke to you thusly:  “little Horace, there are two types of people in this world: those that see the glass and say it is half full, and those that see the glass and say it is half empty.” 

Said speech […]

Sacred Rite

It’s mid-month already so I’ll blame the dearth of posting primarily upon the fact that my modem died and left me bereft the internet access for a week.  This may be a pitiful excuse, but that’s all I can offer.    

I did the sacred and traditional spring trout camp around the first of […]