Been Carpin’

I been carpin’ and carpin’s been good.  After the carp opener I usually go balls-to for the “big” fish flats.  But thanks to an exponentially-growing furor about local carp, I just can’t get up the interest to fight the crowds over there anymore.  (So shut up everybody, for chrisakes, and forget about carp.  You’ve […]


It’s carp time.  For me I mean.  Everyone else has been catching carp for months.  Therefore, to make my own efforts stand out, I titled my post with an edgy alternative spelling.  Unique, huh?  See, I can’t do carping until the striper thing has run its pathetic course.  Spring striper fishing is hard, addictive […]


It’s been a long stretch.  Now, more than ever, my secret dreams of becoming a powerful and high-paid blogger seem pitiable.  But not to worry (or rejoice as the case may be), I’ve no plans for abandoning the cause or the blog of lowbrow angling.  I closed out carp season, as required, and made […]

Hot (And By Hot I Refer To Temperature, Not Quality Of Fishing)

Holy shit, we (and by “we” I refer to the entirety of all life, to our knowledge) have arrived at the start of another month, and I feel a mounting pressure (both internally-generated, and also applied from hordes of desperate readers) to put up some news of fishing (which, as I’ll just mention here […]