My typical approach to introducing a blog post is to apologize for the long delay and follow with lame excuses and empty promises.  This is not required of April.  Almost every kind of good fishing thing can happen in April, and serious anglers should be out fishing .  Spare moments off the water should […]

For Real

When there’s nothing to bitch about, I hardly know what to say.  As a diehard pessimist I’m nonplussed, frankly, by the good times the gods have showered down on me these last few weeks.  (Nonplussed, but, ahem, ever so grateful and thankful and reverent and just downright groveling and lacking in hubris.)

I had […]

Leap Day

It’s leap day so I get to put this up before the end of month deadline.  Of course, that’s a self-imposed deadline and so is what I call a “happy deadline”.  Generally speaking, I hate deadlines.  Apparently, many of you like them.  At least that is the impression I get by looking at online […]

Daily Grind

Today the temperature at dawn was under 70 and fall-time feelings flickered fitfully across my synapses.  I can (with my eyes closed after ingesting powerful hallucinogens) imagine what autumn will be like.  Alas, to hunger for something so distant is unhealthy, I’m certain.  Summer will never beat me, not even close, but […]