Michigan anglers think of hexagenia mayflies as the prey of big, nocturnal brown trout.  Around here, these giant burrowing insects live in warm, turbid soft-bottomed rivers and lakes.  I’ve never seen a Michigan hex hatch, though they have a reputation for greatness.  The Georgia hatch is certainly pretty impressive.  These bugs grow to over an […]


To ease into things I’ll put up a few fishing reports covering little excursions from this summer.  In future I shall offer fresher material.  But a few backlog reports may help us get into the groove and will help me grasp a few of the technical basics of making a blog. 

Summer time is carp […]


This is a blog about lowbrow fly fishing.  I know, relative to watching porn or televised NFL football, any kind of fly fishing is pretty damn classy.  So-called lowbrow angling is relatively cheap, is often done close to home, and occurs in pursuit of all variety of targets.  Lowbrow practitioners proclaim to care less […]