Film Review

I’m a fan of the burgeoning amateur and independent fly fishing film genre.  The last few years have seen an increasing number of great music-video style films.  Catch Magazine features and Drake Magazine Video Award efforts, to name a couple of sources, have publicized some excellent angling porn.  But this film featuring Atlantic stripers […]

A Stripe

I came into an unexpected few fishing hours on a weekday evening.  On the drive north, the air was so clear I could see the Appalachians, 70 miles away.  I was on the water a little after 5:30 and it was windy.  I drifted downwind, trolling, for a mile or so, then turned around […]

Another Striped Failure

Just passed: another unremarkable fishing weekend.  I was able to spend a few hours in another barren lineside effort.  I went south on the lake, just like last week, because I’m a dumbass, just like last week.  No stripes, just like last week.  I know it’s early, I really do.  And I also know there […]

Rain and Darkness

The old folks remember a time when it wasn’t raining.  I like to imagine that I’ll see the sun some day, in its near-mythical glory.  Seriously, it will take more than 10 straight days of rain to get me bitching right now.  Yes, the leaky car roof rankles, but this is an auspicious beginning of striper […]