Monsoon Autumn

Do I feel guilty for posting up nothing in the last 2 weeks?  Absolutely.  But that time is lost forever,  so let’s just move on.  I will mention, in my defense, that I was hit by a car and robbed (separate incidents) and have been having a lot to do with the cops.  So […]

The End of the Line

Ahead lies a non-fishing weekend.  I ask for your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.  Next week is trout fishing.  Glory. 

For now, check out the trailer for The End of the Line.  I caught a screening of this somber film on Tuesday. This is not an anti-fishing story.  The author of the book behind […]

Lines are in, Maybe

lake sunset

Attached: find a brief lines report.  I caught a handful of small hybrids over the course of a mostly cloudy afternoon.  My early season has been slow thus far.  Whatever else the future may hold, the stripey fish I harass are established on a topwater pattern and fishing will only improve […]


Now’s the time to make a few half-hearted apologies to you purists.  Actually, if you’re truly offended by non-fly angling, I don’t care.  But you may be comforted to know that such talk will be rare around here.  I came up via spinning reel technology and so did lots of us.  Thor knows what […]