I snuck out for a few hours in pursuit of the evening bite.  The weather was nice and there was no traffic at the southern spot.  Fish were scarce and scattered.  I tried to run-n-gun individual fish without success.  I got lucky when a fat little hybrid popped up in range. 

chubby hybrid


I […]

World Record Striper?

We the people (probably) have a new world record fly caught striper—a 51lb 5oz behemoth from under the bridge in Virginia.  Fish this size are caught occasionally, but not on fly rods.  So I feel  this is a good omen for my pending journey to that very region.  I am pessimistic regarding my chances of […]

Surf and Inshore Stripers Part II

After the last film, I vowed to stay tuned and I’m glad I did.  Take a look at the new effort by Peter Laurelli and enjoy a few minutes of pure striper angling.

Surf & Inshore Fishing 2009 – Part 2 from Peter Laurelli on […]

Cold 2

On Saturday I got a rare chance to stay dry while fishing.  Buck Ernst was kind enough to take me around all morning.  I rarely fish from a powered boat and the huge range was intoxicating.  We hit about as many spots in one morning as I normally fish all season.  The air temperature was […]