Snakes and Spiders

I have bravely endured the uncomfortable symptoms of non-angling life for nearly two weeks and haven’t the heart to talk about fishing.  Therefore, I have decided to regale ye (all five of ye) with deep musings on the topic of shit you can catch with your bare hands (SYCCWYBH).  This first installment covers snakes […]

Korean Carp

For the next two weeks, observance of the “off season”  ritual, bad weather, and the performance of various grown-up (non fishing related) activities will preclude any angling by me.  I’ll attempt to post up a few musings or whatever during this difficult period. 

For now, though, I invite you to observe this short film […]

Solitude and Society

I did some fishing over the holiday weekend.  I had planned for a lake excursion on Saturday.  The predicted conditions sounded positive: warm with rain.  But after digesting a series of reports of woeful fishing there, I opted instead for solitude.  I openly admit that capturing fish is my primary angling goal.  Escape, the experience of solitude, […]

Help in Hard Times

It continues damn cold and we’re all whining about it.  But it doesn’t impact my angling schedule during this, my brief period of rest and meditation.  And of course fishing still exists for the intrepid.  Eg. despite the sad temperatures, professor Jay reported success at an undisclosed location on the Georgia coast.  I know no details, but the […]