Spring has.  I didn’t get to fish as much as I had hoped over my target days, but I did verify, first hand, the existence of some spring runners.  I managed a couple brief side ventures to see a neglected spot and to check around after some carp.


But the main attraction […]


After a few weeks away from the hard stuff, and many days clean from any fishing at all, I’m going back in. The first of spring’s optimal opportunities lie ahead of me in the next two days.  The time for pissing around, the time for excuses, is past.  I won’t be alone.  Spring is […]

Modest Pursuits

How often the most unassuming angling produces the greatest sense of fulfillment.  Such was the case yesterday evening as I spent a few hours at the MM estate private pond helping thin the crappie population.  It was therapeutic to drift languidly with beverage and bobber through the warm afternoon.  The fish were doing right […]

Still Trying

I haven’t had much to say recently .  After putting in several more trips I still can’t catch shit.  I’ve had some nice trips, though.  Last week I tagged along with Buck as he ran his hard-working river boat up to the white water.  I’ve fished this place often in the last four years, but […]