Black Bass and White Lightning

Last Friday I was in need.  By dropping a series of decreasingly subtle hints, I achieved an invitation to the MM estates.  After work we picked up some high gravity beer and repaired to the clubhouse.  After happy hour on the deck I achieved exit velocity and dragged the kayak to the water’s edge […]

Carp Opener

I awoke this morning to a pounding head and a scratchy throat and called in sick to work.  A couple of pills and a three-hour nap had me feeling much improved.  I decided to use this time wisely to put up a little post about the start of carp season.  I’m pretty sure this […]

Sacred Rite

It’s mid-month already so I’ll blame the dearth of posting primarily upon the fact that my modem died and left me bereft the internet access for a week.  This may be a pitiful excuse, but that’s all I can offer.    

I did the sacred and traditional spring trout camp around the first of […]