Hunting and Gathering

The longest days are here and it’s time to grow rich and fat on nature’s bounty.   So I spent a few hours and gathered a bag of chanterelles and a gallon of blackberries.


On Wednesday evening I hunted this confused bass on the carp flats.  What she was doing there I can’t […]


Sunday when I was fishing it was 95 degrees with a heat index of 103 F.  This is the price we pay, here in the dirty south, for mild winters and a 12-month fishing season. 

I was out early with my dad.  We altered our original plan at the last minute and moved our […]

Summer Pattern

I like carp and I always have.  As a wee child I fished for them in the muddy put and take trout stream behind the house.  I recall my father asserting that “studies had shown” that carp were the smartest fish and brook trout were the dumbest.  I now suspect that he was paraphrasing […]