Before the Plunge

What did I do the last few weeks?  I fished with my daughter  a couple of times, fished by myself once, worked diligently for my pittance, and of course, as always, learned a heap of life lessons.  Just now, in the last 5 minutes, I learned that if you accidentally pour out too much […]


Sam and I went up to the “home” creek and did some trout fishing.  Things went well.   Nobody else was fishing and we caught a slew of little trout on dry flies.




sam's bow

We drove off to another little stream for char.  Those were the first […]

Summer Vacation

I had a little post ready last week but  “technical difficulties” stemming from my notable ignorance of blog software prevented it from reaching your eager eyes.  The gist was that summer proceeds apace, etc.




We completed our  balls-to-the-wall beach weekend.  Ten of us had a wild barrier island […]