By Thor, February is doing it for us this year. A solid ten days of warm weather in February rights so many wrongs and sooths so many galling pains that I’ve already attained a blessed forgetfulness about this past winter’s shitty fishing. Perhaps these mental wounds will re-open with the inevitable return of the […]

An Anecdote

I do get plenty of responses to my efforts here at lowbrow. Generally they arrive in the form of badly-written comments rabidly praising my eloquence and erudition. The commenter invariably provides a helpful link inviting me into their own internet home where, as it turns out, they can assist me to enlarge my penis, […]

NYC Surf Fishing

I haven’t posted a video in a while.  What a shame this is, since posting someone else’s hard work is a cheap and easy way to keep the content flowing around here (a place that obviously suffers from poor content flow in recent times).  So here’s another nicely edited short on stripers and blues […]

‘Possum Snatching

I enjoy catching live animals.  We’d all agree that some version of this sentiment is true for most anglers, right?  I certainly feel an instinctual urge to catch stuff, and I’ve channeled much of this urge towards fly fishing, a popular and socially-acceptable activity.  ‘Possum snatching, the recreational capturing of live Virginia opossums (Didelphis […]