Switching Over

Life has been on top of me for weeks and I’ve let things go around here.  I’ve been fishing, of course.  Whatever lowbrow angling is or isn’t, it should occur regularly.  I initiated fall with a car camping one-nighter to the mountains.  Sam met me up there and conditions were gorgeous.  We saw lots of people around, and the fishing was not spectacular.  But we got some fish in hand and had a great trip.

low and clear



I got closure on summer with a couple of short carp outings to the clear places.  I’ve neglected these flats all summer to look for bigger fish.  Here at the end conditions were tough, so I was gratified to catch a few small fish.


The lineside season develops slowly.  The weather is still consistently warm and the white birds are just starting to show up on the lakes.  After a few weeks of poor results, I finally got over a ball of hybrids last week and picked up a few well-fed fish.




This year I didn’t get many of the weekday evening trips that usually characterize fall. After the time change, I pretty much devote myself to the winter pattern, following the striped fish north on the big lakes.

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