Home Water

I went out on the lake in the high pressure, bright sun, and wind.  That was foolish and I repented of the decision in the end.  There was nothing there.


Then I went up in the mountains and camped overnight, the goal being to catch wild trout.  I’m having a little trout phase this winter.  It behooves me to be reminded that fishing for little wild fish fulfills my angling desires.  For one, it’s relatively easy.  Relatively.  Plus the fish live in a nice place, which is true even if it’s trite to mention it.  I assume most fisherman have home waters.  My home waters exist in the Appalachians.  Anywhere else I fish, however pleasant or consuming, represents a deviation from the original home waters.  This stream was particularly nice, with big park-like bottoms that give me the feel of fishing in a hemlock cathedral.  But enough of this bullshit.  If you want to be exposed to a dewy-eyed nerd yammering on about his extreme sensitivity to natural beauty, you’ll have no problems finding that.






I will mess with stripers a bit the next few weeks, but this is the winter doldrums,  a quiet time when I try to improve my character through deep contemplation or perhaps through reading a bunch pulp science fiction.

3 comments to Home Water

  • It’s nice to see that you’re fishing
    Instead of sitting home wishing
    For at home you’ll find diapers
    Instead of your stripers
    Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong blog site.

  • Ty

    Spring will be here soon. And so will the carp.

  • lowbrow1

    But how fair is it when the post-spawn feeding frenzy corresponds with other so-called important fishing events? Seriously, the whole system is badly run.

    When it is spring
    The fish do their thing
    With never a care
    With regard to what’s fair
    So anglers unite!
    Make the fish do what’s right
    White bass and crappie
    Please make us all happy
    Start running today
    Get it out of the way
    Then stripers, be givers
    Get up the damn rivers!
    Then last, we can fish
    Or at least that’s my wish
    For carp with blithe ease
    When it’s 60 degrees
    And not 120
    Which I did last year plenty