My typical approach to introducing a blog post is to apologize for the long delay and follow with lame excuses and empty promises.  This is not required of April.  Almost every kind of good fishing thing can happen in April, and serious anglers should be out fishing .  Spare moments off the water should be devoted to work (or “work”), sleep, bathing the children, and the myriad other little niggling details that get in the way of proper spring fishing.  Of course, this year April came in February and March.  That caught me by surprise and by the time I cottoned on, much was lost.  But I did my best to give the month its proper due.

April stripers were not quite a bust, but were sub-standard.  A few were had, though.


Walleye were oddly consistent, of all things, and I was able to catch a couple on every trip.  No real sport should have much praise for walleye as a recreational quarry.  Fortunately, I eat them every one, so I’m happy.



We observed the spring trout camping ritual with full trappings.  We got drunk in the woods and caught a few small trout.  That’s all it is really, but it must be done.






Mike took me to a secret striper spot and caught a big fish.  I caught a big turtle.



April is out of the way, and hopefully we can all relax.

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  • Ty

    Nice. Saw your post over on NGTO too. Good stuff. I need to leave *&$#@ carp alone and spend some time on stripers.