About Lowbrow angling

This is a blog about lowbrow fly fishing.  I know, relative to watching porn or televised NFL football, any kind of fly fishing is pretty damn classy.  So-called lowbrow angling is relatively cheap, is often done close to home, and occurs in pursuit of all variety of targets.  Lowbrow practitioners proclaim to care less about gear.  Due to economics and personal philosophy we rarely hire professional help.  I don’t hope to imply that this kind of fishing is unusual or better than some other kind of fishing.  Sport is sport, and that is that.  In fact, I intend not to get sidetracked on the lowbrow idea.  It’s an apt name more than a guiding concept.  Here, we’ll talk about fishing.  Through accidents of genetics and personal history I am burdened with a twitching addiction to the process of catching stuff, of getting live wild creatures out of the wild and into my hands.  It’s that simple.  I grew up trapping and snatching all manner of manageable-sized vertebrates.  Although I still will grab the extremely unwary snake or ‘possum, I have largely channeled these urges into the healthy and socially acceptable activity of fishing.  In this blog I will report on fishing that I do, opine on fly fishing topics generally, perhaps pass along content from other anglers, and (hopefully only extremely rarely) digress on topics less related to fishing.  Though I can’t or won’t produce grammatically perfect prose, I will try to make this place readable.  I am a rank amateur at photography, but I’ll put at least a little thought into things photographical.  My reasons for starting a blog include, of course, a natural desire for fame and glory.  Aside from that, perhaps I may gain technical fishing insight from readers.  I have no commercial goals for the blog currently.  If great riches eventually accrue to me because of it, I welcome them.  Some of the content may be irreverent, farcical, or impolite.  There will be some profanity.  You’ve been warned.  I hope you enjoy.